Could you do a better job that Eve?

Have you ever thought that if Eve never took the apple we would still be living in the garden of Eden and life would be pretty peachy?

Maybe so. If you were Eve, would you have done a better job? Seems kind of silly to cause the downfall of the entire human race just for an apple. Do you think that Eve would have resisted the temptation if she knew the consequences? Would you, could you?

Easy way to answer that is to ask yourself what you do when you are tempted to sin. When you are surfing on the internet and you see some tempting but forbidden websites are you disciplined enough to say : No, not going to do that”? Or do you go, have a look, satisfy yourself and then pray for forgiveness or just justify it to yourself?
Temptation is temptation because it is tempting !!

I bet God was disappointed in Eve when she took the apple. Eve couldn’t foresee the consequences but after she took the apple her relationship with God had to change. You may not be able to see the consequences, maybe nobody else knows about your ‘little’ sins but they DO change your relationship with God.

Perhaps one day, when we get to heaven, we will be made aware of how our decisions changed the course of our lives, perhaps not. A friend of mine has a website ‘Discipline or Regret’ He says that there are two times of pain in life; that of discipline or thaqt or regret. Which do you choose?



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