An Analogy For God

This analogy frequently comes to me…

There are ‘physical’, natural laws that cannot be circumnavigated. The law of gravity applies to everything on earth. There is a principal that is the basis for life and it goes like this:

God is like the fire in the picture. We are like the dry leaf. When the two of them come in contact, the leaf will burst into flames and be destroyed. This is because we are tainted by sin. God CANNOT be in the presence of sin. What we need to do to enter into His presence is get soaked in the blood of Jesus. It changes our physical/spiritual state so we do not get consumed by God.

From another perspective it is kind of like the Midas touch. It is not that God wants to destroy us, He can’t help it. Just as anything the King in the story touched turned to gold, anything that enters the presence of God, without the protection of the blood of Jesus, is consumed.


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