Bottled Water Ministry

I am plodding along in my new church. I have printed some cards to help ‘reach out’ to people. I often go for a run along the beach in the morning and have started handing out cards to people.

When I get to the beach at 6:30am, there are often people still milling around after being out night clubbing all night. There are western tourists and prostitutes having a last beer from the circle K before getting in a taxi. There is the odd person, who indulged too much passed out on the beach, and there are often groups of people going for a semi-clad, intoxicated swim.

My heart is for them!! I want to reach out to them! I want to tell them about God!

Bringing middle aged couples into the church is great but my heart is for a ministry to the critically ill, those who are so far from God that they actively oppose Him. Those that are partying and using drugs and sleeping with prostitutes and prostituting themselves.

I was there once. I spent the first two thirds of my life COMPLETELY lost. Surely He can use that training. My questions now are ‘how?’, ‘when?’, ‘where?’, ’do I really have the guts?’.

For months now I have been desiring to get up in the middle of the night, take a box of bottled water to the car park where I start my run and just give out free water to the revellers, hoping to do something for God from there. Something has held me back….but I don’t think it will for much longer. Pray for me please.


One Response to Bottled Water Ministry

  1. Anita1211 says:

    I agree with you and I’m excited about what is ahead as the best is yet to come!!

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