Here is an analogy for life: Life is God teaching us to drive a car

He gives us the key…. Salvation

He tells us to put in the key, put in the clutch and turn it on.

We do, and then the radio comes on, we turn it up, get into the song and start humming away.

After a while we realise we’re not going anywhere, we turn down the radio and turn to God “Hey, God!! Why isn’t it working?

To which He replies, “I hadn’t finished teaching you. Now you need to change the gears and…

“Nananahnahna!! We are off again, trying to do it ourselves

“Hey God!! Still not moving, what’s the problem? Thought you were all powerful and that.”

Yes, my son, I still wasn’t done. Next you let out the clutch slowly and press down the accelerator.

“Wooohooo!! I’m moving!! We cruise around for a while, loving the sensation, praising God for how wonderful He is for helping us.

Then we realise we don’t know where we are or where we are going.

We ask him and He gives us some directions and tells us to go on a little way. We begin to get the hang of driving and are following his directions.

Then we see a shop giving away free blackberries!! We swing the wheel, pull of the road, park the car and run into the store. We are laughing at how lucky we were to be driving down this road right at the moment when the giveaway is on. We put two and two together and figure that it must have been God’s plan!! He brought us down this road, He wanted us to get a free blackberry!! What a great God!!

Meanwhile, God is shaking His head and wondering why we have stopped the car.

Finally we get back in the car and back on our path. God tells us to go left, right, faster, slower etc. He sees that we are starting to get the hang of following his directions. We get the sense that God is happy with us and turn to him and smile.

He responds by saying “You are getting it”. We look at Him and nod. He smiles and says:


We freak out a bit but then do it. We listen to His voice and follow His directions and gradually start to realise we can do it!! We are cruising along, eyes closed, responding to His directions.

Then we open one eye and peak.

“WOOOOOOH!! What are we doing here!!!” We swing the wheel, turn the car around and start flooring it in the other direction.

“It’s lucky I peaked!! We were in big trouble!! That road was so narrow and there were drop offs on either side, one wrong move and we would have been dead. Lucky I turned around”

That narrow path that we can only navigate by listening to every word that comes from the mouth of God and walking by faith and not by sight…..LIFE.




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