A Place to Belong

I recall being in a bar in Alice Springs, Australia. I was talking to two Aboriginal guys and we were all quite drunk. I asked them about a tradition I had heard about where a boy would be taken into the bush when he comes of age, both his front teeth would be knocked out and he would go through a number of rituals to solidify his place in the tribe.

They told me a bit about it and even said that if I was serious they could take me through he initiation processes, but they weren’t sure I was up for it.

Of course these were just drunken ramblings but the thing that hit me was “These people know who they are! They know their place in society! They have a definite understanding of what they believe in relation to the creation of the universe, the meaning of life etc.”

I was left sad. I didn’t know who I was, why I was alive. My family’s traditions were eating too much on Christmas day and getting drunk. I envied these people, they had a sense of belonging.

I now have all the things those people had and more. When I learnt that God had a plan for my life it all made sense. When I found out that I wasn’t destined to follow in my father’s gambling, womanising traits I felt a great relief.

I am a son of the living God. He loves me and one day I will be spending eternity with Him in heaven. Until then, I have work to do here on earth learning and growing and serving.

Want to know who you are and what your life is about? Get reconciled with God, be born again and learn to live a life of purpose.


God Bless You!!


Please contact me if you would like to ask questions or more information.


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